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About me and my story

Holistic Healing

“Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality "

My name is Nadia Radeva, a practicing holistic therapist originally from Bulgaria now based in Boston USA and I am passionate about helping people from all over the world lead better lives.

But I wasn’t always on my current path. Through my academic studies at university I trained to become an engineer and I hold a Masters degree in the field. For some time I also pursued PhD studies in engineer field.


I have worked professionally as an engineer for over 10 years, most of which was spent employed at a large international company. The demands of my work had me spending much of my time on the road.

During these years, engineering work to international company, I always had my ready-made suitcase handy to be on the road for work in foreign locations. Airports and hotels were like a second home to me.

On top of the busy travel needs of my career, working as a woman in a predominantly male profession is a challenge in itself and can contribute to a woman’s energy imbalance, which of course is unhealthy both physically and emotionally.


I have had many moments in which I have felt terribly uncomfortable within my personal life as well as with work or the people around me. I've been through some difficult situations and I know how it can drain a person’s energy and can drag them in an unwanted direction.

All of these things did however give me the opportunity to work a lot with myself and to realize many things about me.

Having met so many different people and through all the relationships I’ve forged, one key lesson I learned is that you cannot feel appreciated and respected by others if you cannot first appreciate and respect yourself.


These experiences contributed to drive me towards self-improvement and I started to attend various seminars and practices for mastering energy. I realized how important it is to maintain the balance the energies that are in each of us. Later on and as I progressed in my training, I also completed a course for becoming an energy practice coach and therapist


Little by little I began to discover and try different techniques and methods for dealing with various emotions, negative thoughts, old interfering beliefs and fears, recurring unpleasant situations, ways to deal with difficult relationships and separation, as well as approaches to better communicate with people around me.


All this has helped me to have better personal health and to realize more of my desires and intentions in life.


I have been interested in psychology since I was a young, and I had noticed how people tend to feel relaxed and open about sharing their problems with me. That's why I decided to train and be able to help others professionally.


I use a variety of working methods and techniques, with proven fast results at a deep level. Such results could otherwise take years to achieve through so-called conventional and standard methods.

I have graduated from many international academies and trainings and I continue to constantly train and gain experience with various knowledge and practice.

Some of the main techniques I use are:

  • NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming - as an NLP Master Practitioner with a certificate from Richard Bandler

  • ThetaHealing® Practitioner (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® USA)

  • K-Power® fast kinesiological practices for body and emotion balance

  • Art Therapy by the method of Neurographica®, Instructor, Specialist, Aesthetic Coach Neurographica® - Psychology of Creativity Institute - Pavel Piskarev

  • Numerology by the method of "Matrix of Success"

  • Energy healing + energy healing to animals

  • Tantra Massage Therapist as certified by the Somananda Tantra School Spiritual Universityand others

  • Aromatherapist for emotional release 

”The only things that could make you unhappy are your thoughts and attitudes, therefore simply change them!"

Are you ready for a profound change to make your life, desires, goals and dreams come true and to be happy and proud of your accomplishments right now?

Certifications and Qualifications:

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