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About K-Power® kinesiology

Energy Healing

K-Power® is a series of enjoyable, hands-on health and wellness workshops for professional development, self-care, and community educationIt is a type of kinesiology that can help you improve your mental wellbeing, physical wellness, and function in yourself and others

How does K-Power kinesiology work?

K-Power kinesiology operates by leveraging the body’s innate wisdom and energy systems.

  1. Muscle Testing: K-Power practitioners use muscle testing (also known as applied kinesiology) to assess the body’s response to various stimuli. By applying gentle pressure to specific muscles, they can determine imbalances, stressors, or areas of concern.

  2. Energy Pathways: K-Power recognizes that energy flows through specific pathways in the body (similar to traditional Chinese medicine’s meridians). These pathways connect organs, emotions, and physical symptoms. Practitioners identify blockages or disruptions in these energy flows.

  3. Emotional Connections: Emotions play a significant role in overall health. K-Power explores the emotional aspects related to physical symptoms. For example, unresolved emotions may manifest as physical pain or discomfort.

  4. Essential Oils and Nutrition: Based on muscle testing results, K-Power practitioners recommend specific essential oils, nutritional supplements, or dietary changes. These interventions aim to restore balance and promote healing.

  5. Personalized Approach: K-Power is highly individualized. Each person’s needs are unique, so practitioners tailor their recommendations accordingly. Whether it’s choosing the right oil, adjusting diet, or addressing emotional patterns, the focus is on personalized solutions.

  6. Self-Empowerment: K-Power encourages clients to actively participate in their healing journey. Through self-awareness, education, and practical techniques, individuals learn to take charge of their well-being.

In summary, K-Power kinesiology combines muscle testing, energy awareness, emotional exploration, and personalized strategies to enhance health and vitality. It’s a holistic approach that considers both the physical and energetic aspects of wellness. 


K-Power® kinesiology is a part of the **holistic healing** through restoration of the natural rhythm of life in a gentle easy way. K-Power® kinesiology is based on the principles of **epigenetics**, **ancient meridian therapy**, and **PKP kinesiology**. PKP kinesiology is the science of energy balancing, which uses muscle testing to identify and correct imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit.

K-Power kinesiology techniques are offered by certified instructors who have been trained by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Joan Dewe, the founders of PKP kinesiology and K-Power® kinesiology workshops

Kinesiology is a holistic approach that helps individuals select appropriate essential oils, nutritional strategies, and personalized methods to enhance their overall well-being.

By incorporating K-Power techniques, individuals can gain a better understanding of their body and achieve more accurate healing outcomes




Are you ready for a change that will fulfill your life, desires, goals, and dreams, and make you happy and proud of your achievements now?

K-Power Kinesiology
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