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What is Neurographica®

Holistic healing

Neurographica® is based on psychology, neuroscience, and art. It is a simple, beautiful, and very effective method of not only self-exploration and mindfulness, but also of self-development and the creation of a new desired reality.

Neurographica® helps to break patterns, find new solutions, attune to intuition, explore dreams and desires, be creative in setting and achieving goals, create a new harmonious reality, develop creativity, see the world in new colors, relieve anxiety, find peace, reduce stress, calm the mind, gain clarity, get things in perspective, and activate inspiration.


Neurographica® is a method of creating mind and body connections through a combination of art and psychology. It is a relatively new art form that uses simple lines and roundings to create images that can be used to access and release emotional blockages. The word ‘Neurographica’ comprises two words: neuron and graphics.


  • It helps you release your deepest emotions, change your old habits and thoughts, and cope with and express intense feelings.

  • It helps you connect with your inner wisdom, explore your most profound dreams and wishes, and be inventive in setting and achieving goals.

  • It helps you create your new harmonious reality, develop creativity, and see the world in new colors.

  • It helps you ease your anxiety, find peace, reduce stress, and calm your mind.

  • It helps you gain clarity, get things in perspective, and activate inspiration.

  • It helps us recognize personal patterns or hidden obstacles and encourages creative problem-solving. 


Through Neurographica®, we explore new solutions and find new ways to release old patterns in our lives.


How you can use Neurographica®:

- workshops,

- masterclasses,

- teaching how to use it individual for your needs

- private coaching session with Neurographica®


In summary, Neurographica® workshops and personal coaching provides a unique blend of creativity, self-exploration, and personal growth. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, this method offers a powerful way to connect with your inner self and create positive changes in your reality. 🎨✨


Important Remark: Only Certified Instructors can teach Neurographica®, and only certified Specialists and Instructors can conduct private coaching sessions, workshops, and other events related to original Neurographica® knowledge.

Are you ready for a change that will fulfill your life, desires, goals, and dreams, and make you happy and proud of your achievements now?

Neurographica workshops
Neurographica Coaching sessions

In my YouTube channel Nadia Radeva Coaching you can check videos with Neurograohica Masterclasses/Workshops.

At the moment they are only in Bulgarian language, but you can have the idea of the drawing process :)

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