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To be happy is the big


My name is Nadia Radeva, a holistic practitioner and therapist.

I help people overcome and free themselves from accumulated stress, anxiety, and emotional blockages caused by past events and their consequences, which often lead to physical discomfort.

Working together will help you feel calm, confident, emotionally free to be yourself, and happy to fulfill your dreams in life.

The holistic approach is very effective to different problems and situations to transform pain, insecurity, anxiety, negative beliefs, and emotions into new and useful resources. You can feel joy, happiness, confidence, and balance again.

Unlock your potential with emotional release and energy balance.


My curiosity and personal emotional experience drive me to constantly learn and enrich my knowledge and experience.


As a highly intuitive and spiritual practitioner experience, I will select for you holistic methods that will help you relieve fears, tough emotions, illnesses, emotional traumas, unnecessary negative thoughts, and beliefs so that you can lead a happy and fulfilling life.


Do you want to overcome the negative emotions and feel again balanced, relaxed and happy?

Are you ready to live the life you were meant to have, starting RIGHT NOW?

How I Can Help You

Everyday we are subjected to sources of stress, tension and various problems and challenges. Many of us have bad memories and fears stemming from past negative experiences. These drain much of our energy and prevent us from fully living our lives.
The purpose of individual sessions that I offer is to help solve problems related to each aspect of your life. A session helps to eliminate blockages and transform subconscious beliefs that have contributed to create negative situations in your life. We do this through a closer examination of some of the following facets:
  - Creative approach to solving problems
  - Overcoming the consequences of negative experiences of the past
  - Relief from emotions such as insult, sadness, regret, memories of pain and suffering
   - Changing unwanted bad habits
   - Reasons blocking material and financial abundance
   - Raising self-esteem
   - Conquering fears
   - Overcoming sadness and separation
   - Working to relieve illness, stress or depression
   - Healing of emotional trauma
   - Achieving personal direction and goals,
   - Improving relationships
   - Improving your career as well as your private life
   - Attracting a suitable partner
and many other areas…
Individual therapy sessions will relieve you of unnecessary burdens thus giving way to new channels for a joyful life.
Are you ready to cleanse yourself of your problems and start living your life right now?
Are you ready for real change to make your life, your desires, goals and dreams come true, to be happy and proud of your achievements?
Do you want to make sense of your life and become the best version of yourself?
Just say "YES" to life!!!
I'm happy to help you get there!

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