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Farewell to Baggage” supports you in letting go of toxic individuals, negative environments, or unfavorable situations. While we often recognize what and who positively impacts our lives, we can sometimes become attached to what harms us. This unique blend assists in identifying the negative baggage in your life and ignites a desire to release it permanently. It serves as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation, guiding you toward a fresh way of being.


The benefits of some of the oils in the blend:

  • Hawaiian Sandalwood Lift your vibration and bring heightened spiritual awareness. This is the oil that will clearly identify the baggage in your life.
  • Melaleuca helps create necessary boundaries that keep parasitic relationships out and only allows closeness with loving, supportive individuals. Parasitic relationships, including those who take advantage, complain or are emotionally, verbally and or physically abusive.
  • Siberian Fir is the best oil to break negative patterns, including codependent relationship enabling and abusive relationship. Many of these negative emotional and spiritual patterns are taught to us by our parents and grandparents.

Farewell Baggage Blend

  • Apply to: inside of elbow creases, inside of wrist and back on the neck.

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